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A Complete Home Installation & Maintenance Garden Service 

Welcome to Easy-Grow!

We produce and install three amazing gardening systems. A different type of system for all gardeners.
Visitors can find information on our Raised Garden Beds, our Raised Garden Planters, or our Bucket Gardening Systems!
Each system is unique and each system is perfect for any type of gardener or gardening situation. Try one or try them all!

HOT PRODUCTS for 2015!!!!!!!!!!

Zero Maintenance Flower Beds

Nothing dresses up a business appearance like fresh flowers. They create such a warm feeling for your customers. Flowers can add the perfect finishing touch to your business.But what about the constant watering and care to keep up the fresh beautiful look.
Easy-Grow, llc has the perfect solution for you! New Easy-Grow Zero Maintenance Flower Beds! These custom flower beds are available in almost any shape or size. We can design one to meet your desired look and specifications. What makes them Zero Maintenance Flower Beds is the Drip Irrigation System that Easy-Grow, llc can attach to the flower bed. Now you’ll never have to worry about watering your fresh flowers again.
AND by adding the Easy-Grow Maintenance Service you will now have a Zero Maintenance Flower Bed.

Raised Solid Pine Garden Beds!
Starting as low as $104
Product Description
Beautiful and natural, smooth finish, self contained, 12 inch deep, raised garden bed using the latest "safe" treated pine lumber in which to grow organic vegetables or flowers. Our "Safe" Pressure Treated Pine Garden Beds will save you more than 50% over Cedar Beds.
All Garden Beds & Planters are handmade in Myrtle Beach, SC.
National Gardening Association
Raised Vegetable garden bed
Location: Port Saint Lucie, Fl
Question: Hello! I want to build a raised vegetable garden. I read that I shouldn't use treated wood. What wood should I use, just normal wood probably? Thank you!
Answer: There's still a lot of controversy about using treated wood for vegetable gardens. There was a time when pressure treated lumber contained arsenic (CCA) and was not considered safe for use in raised vegetable gardens because the arsenic leached out into the soil. The newest method for treating wood is Micronized Copper Quaternary (MCQ). It is chemically different than the old CCA treatments. It is made of tiny (micro) particles of copper. These particles are forced into the wood cells or pores during the pressure cycle. Once in, they stay in, also forming a barrier keeping in the quaternary. The leaching of chemicals out of MCQ is practically non-existent and using the treated lumber for a vegetable bed is safe because the chemicals do not leach out into the soil. If you can find MCQ treated lumber, you can use it in your garden. If not, choose a wood that is naturally rot resistant. Redwood, cedar and cypress are good choices. Pine and hemlock are poor choices because they are soft and prone to rot. Or, you can use concrete blocks or interlocking landscape stones for your raised beds. Best wishes with your garden!

Easy-Grow Gardening offers a COMPLETE
sub-irrigation garden system in a Bucket!
Complete Bucket SIP for only $25 delivered in Horry County!
Easy-Grow Gardening will deliver a complete Garden Bucket SIP filled with soil & your choice of vegetable, just like the picture shown, anywhere in Horry County for only $25. All you have to do is add water.
Phone Orders only call 843-655-0366
For more information visit our "Bucket Gardening" page.
At Easy-Grow, llc we put the fun back into gardening again!
Easy-Grow, llc will install a complete Raised Garden Bed or Planter in your yard at a reasonable price!                 
Why break-your-back and waste  hundreds of hours, when Easy-Grow, llc can do the all work for you.
Easy-Grow, llc even offers maintenance programs to help you make sure your garden is weed-free and producing amazing results.
We also offer a wide range of Landscaping Services. Be sure to check out our Landscaping Page!
Everything from laying new mulch, planting fresh flowers, sprucing up your old look, to installing edging, lights & drip irrigation systems. Call us for a free quote. 
Need an Irrigation System for your Garden? Check out our Drip Irrigation System Page & Irrigation Timer Page.
At Easy-Grow, llc we do all the work while you enjoy all the fruits!!
Completely installed & prepared Raised Garden Planters start as low as $104.
Completely installed & prepared Raised Garden Beds start as low as $171.

Easy-Grow, llc can handle all of your Gardening needs!
From flower beds to vegetables to Herb Gardens.
Let Easy-Grow do all the work while you enjoy all the fruits!
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We want you to be completely satisfied with every purchase you make. Refund policy: We will replace any manuacturer/installation defect that falls within theguarantee timeframe stated here; Easy-Grow, llc guarantees installation & workmanship of your Raised Garden Bad & Planter for 15 days.Easy-Grow llc guarantees all plants/herbs/flowers fo 10 days from signing of the completed invoice.Easy-row, llc does not guarantee plants due to neglect, over waterin, under watering, weather, bugs or insects.

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