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Make Watering Your Garden or Flowers EVEN Easier!
Easy-Grow Drip Irrigation Systems!
Forgetting to water your plants? No time? Try the Ultimate Watering System for Flower Gardens, Vegetable Gardens and Raised Beds. This new Drip Irrigation System makes watering effortless! Add a timer and your plants are watered automatically. Easy-Grow, llc can professionally install any of our Drip Irrigation Systems to your garden.
Drip Systems are available to fit any garden; Greenhouse, Gravity, Container, Garden, Hanging, Raised Garden, & Window Box
Let Easy-Grow customize a Drip Irrigation System around your  Landscape today! You'll be surprised at how affordable a Drip Irrigation System is, and how simple they are to use.
Prices range from $37 and up.
The Perfect Drip Irrigation System!
Receive special pricing on this product if we install your Raised Garden Bed or Planter!
If you have secondary or very hard water, we suggest adding our Water Filter to your purchase to prevent clogging or filling your system with grime. You do NOT need any tools to use this system.
It's the simplest drip system you will ever find!
Call or email us for Pricing 843-655-0366     
Remember that each starter kit requires a hose connection, so if you want to water more than 1 garden but only have 1 hose connection, be sure to purchase the add-on kit to extend your garden from a single hose connection. Easy-Grow, llc will be happy to assist you in determining the best system for your Garden.
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