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Want To Start Your Own Gardening Service Business?
When launching Easy-Grow, I was wondering how we were going to get to all of the needed houses & customers accross the states? Then it came to me to License this Opportunity to qualified & interested people who wanted to run their own business.
I wanted to make this Opportunity affordable and even offer financing. We did just that with our low start-up costs and financing up to $2,800 for new Licensees' who need it.
AND with NO franchise fees! This is NOT a franchise.
Easy-Grow, llc is a South Carolina based company that installs & maintains Raised Garden Beds & Planters & performs gardening services to consumers.
Easy-Grow, llc also offers a business opportunity to interested individuals by distributing Licenses to operate a similar turn-key operation business of installing and maintaining Raised Garden Beds & Planters.
This is a home-based business with low start-up costs, now under $5,000. Financing may be available for qualified candidates.
If you ever wanted to get into the Landscaping Business or even add onto your existing business of installing Raised Garden Beds & Planters, then this is the site for you.
Easy-Grow, llc has exclusive arrangements with several manufacturers and distributors offering special pricing. Easy-Grow, llc passes those savings on to Licensees for increased profits to their business.
Multi-territory Licenses are available.
Pre-opening training is available.
Our goal is to help you be successful. We have an extensive training package.
Pre-opening Package includes the following services & products from EASY-GROW; a pre-opening training program, uniforms, stationary, brochures, marketing material, business cards and more.
Plus - On-going support and assistance for your business.
For more information call 843-655-0366 or email us.
You can even mail me, Wayne Hickey, Founder, directly at
Serious Inquiries Only
You can also download our Information Packet below.
G Business Opp 10 03.pdf (PDF — 12 MB)
This business has been designed for the many Americans who are out of work, laid off, looking for a new job which is not out there or you're way over qualified for whatever job you might find and employers are not willing to pay you the income you need and deserve, You can learn this specialty trade with absolutely no past experience or knowledge.

If you have an average amount of common sense, we'll honestly show you how to make a very good income in your own Raised Garden Bed & Planter business and work for yourself but not by yourself. We'll give you ongoing phone support 5 days a week anytime you have any questions of any kind which makes this an easy opportunity to get up and running fast and work right from you're home and very low overhead. All you have to do is listen and not re-invent things and you'll do great!
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