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Bucket Gardening
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Easy-Grow Gardening offers a COMPLETE
Sub-Irrigation System in a Bucket!
Complete Bucket SIP for only $25 delivered in Horry County!
These containers make it easy to grow vegetables in pots. Bucket Gardening is ideal for apartment gardening, and are so useful that everyone should consider using them to maximize their growing space.The problem with growing food in pots is that pots dry out quickly and it’s all too easy to forget to water. Irregular watering causes all sorts of problems for sensitive fruits and vegetables.
Container gardening is also water-intensive. During a heat wave it may mean visiting the plants with the watering can two or even three times every day — obviously not a practical scheme for someone who works away from home, or someone with any kind of life at all.An elegant solution exists in the form of self-watering containers or sub-irrigation planters. Rather than having a hole in the bottom of the pot, a self-watering container (SWC) or sub-irrigation planter (SIP) has a reservoir of water at the bottom, and water leaches upward into the soil by various mechanisms, keeping it constantly moist. The top of the pot is covered with a layer of plastic that discourages evaporation. Depending on how deep the water reservoir is, it’s possible to go about a week between fill-ups.
This arrangement, combined with the plastic layer, prevents both over-watering and under-watering that can occur with conventional pots. In other words, it takes the guesswork and anxiety out of watering. 
You can grow almost anything including flowers. In your vegetable garden you can grow tomatoes, herbs, eggplants, zuchinni, salad greens, collard greens, swiss chards, watermelon, and peppers. The list goes on and on. 
Your Bucket Garden will be more productive than vegetables grown in the soil or other drain hole planters. Once you realize how efficient and productive your Bucket Garden is, every paved area, walkway and parking lot will look like a sustainable garden to you. 
Your SWC system is self-regulating; you cannot over water or under water the plant.
Your SWC will produce more food per square foot than in-ground gardening. 
There you have the ‘dirt’ for a SWC or SIP!
Never over water your plants again. Soil is constantly kept perfectly moist through a unique wicking action. Follow our step-by-step easy assembly directions, fill with the explained soil ingredients, insert your vegetable or plant, add water through the irrigation tube as needed and watch your plants grow all summer long.
No more battling weed or bugs.
Easy-Grow Gardening offers 4 –size buckets;
5 Gallon Bucket Empty $19
5 Gallon Bucket Filled $25
4 Gallon Bucket Empty $18
4 Gallon Bucket Filled $24
2 Gallon Bucket Empty $17
2 Gallon Bucket Filled $23
1 Gallon Bucket Empty $16
1 Gallon Bucket Filled $21
10, 15, and 20 bucket systems are available, see below for pricing
Call us at 843-655-0366 to place your order and arrange for delivery schedule!
Complete Bucket SIP for only $25 delivered in Horry County!
Easy-Grow Gardening will deliver a complete Garden Bucket filled with soil & your choice of vegetable, just like the picture shown,  anywhere in Horry County for only $25. All you have to do is add water.
Phone Orders only call 843-655-0366
If you're interesten in a miltiple-bucket SIP give us a call!
A 10 Bucket Closed-Loop System = $200
A 15 Bucket Closed-Loop System = $300
A 20 Bucket Closed-Loop System = $400
Pictured is one of our 20-bucket systems.
Photo- thank you to John & Paula
We can even connect your system to your outside faucet and with the help of a simple timer, you'e never have to worry about watering again.
We do all the work you enjoy all the fruits!!!
Call Wayne at 843-655-0366 for a FREE quote!
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